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SIGNATURE: “Making the place crowded” apparel collection

SIGNATURE: “Making the place crowded” apparel collection

Move along ma chere and get our new signature “making the place crowded” apparel collection.

Vests, unisex tshirts and women’s fitted tshirts. Available on our kickstarter at £20 each.

How to add these as an add-on to your current pledge? It’s dead easy:

  • Press the “Manage Your Pledge” button. If you haven’t pledged yet, then this button will say “Back This Project” instead.
  • Increase your pledge in the “Pledge Amount” box by the total of the add-on(s) you want to add (in this case, if you wish to order one tshirt then increase it by £20, for two tshirts – £40 etc.).
  • After the end of our Kickstarter campaign, you will receive a survey that will ask you questions about how you would like the add-on money to be assigned (i.e which add-ons you would like).