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08/01/2019 Project Update

08/01/2019 Project Update

The team at Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel is ecstatic to announce that Dr Richard Niles WILL be participating in the project!

After much thought, and some sacrificial number-crunching taken from Peter’s own salary, we have managed to allocate enough funds to bring Dr Niles on board to arrange at least some of the Dark Angel Symphony album. This has been a cornerstone ambition of the Kickstarter project since Day 1 – and a life-long personal goal for Peter Connelly. As such, he has decided to slash his usual fees in order to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity happen. We are over the moon that we can bring him – and his top-quality music industry experience – onto the team to take the Dark Angel Symphony to the next level of musical excellence.

We ALSO are delighted to announce that Tina Guo AND Julie Elven will be participating in the project! Exactly how – e.g. the type and number of tracks that will feature their performances – will be decided after the music has been written and arranged by Peter and Dr Niles.

But wait: there’s more! In addition to Peter’s vast libraries of top industry-standard samples, we intend to bring in actual brass and strings musicians to add additional live-action musical performances to the album’s score. It’s not quite an 82-piece orchestra, but the musicians and their instruments will definitely pack a wallop!

These latter two options – Tina Guo and Julie Elven, plus real brass and strings musicians – are still heavily dependent upon the extra funds we have managed to generate through the Dark Angel Symphony shop.

Every penny counts towards bringing these goals to life, so please SHARE the link and BUY/PRE-ORDER to help us reach them!

We would ideally need these extra funds before we go into the Production phase, so if you’re thinking of buying something from the shop, don’t delay – PRE-ORDER TODAY!