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The Dark Angel RECORDED!

The Dark Angel RECORDED!

Greetings, all you lovely backers!


WE DID IT! The live instrument recordings in London – including guitars, drums, vocals, and the orchestra at Angel Recording Studios on Friday – are now done. Now, Peter can move onto mixing these raw recordings into tracks for the album.

Of course, we couldn’t have counted on this being the same week that the UK was hit with a record-breaking heatwave; the music wasn’t the only thing that was on fire! But the Dark Angel crew managed to keep their cool and document the whole week with photos, livestreams, and footage for our upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary.

A BIG thank-you to everyone who braved the London heat to come and sit-in on the recording sessions; it was wonderful to meet you and see your reactions to the music! Guests got the chance to meet and mingle with members of the Dark Angel crew, including our special-guest composer, Dean Kopri, and graphic designer, Lara Titova. Our filmographer, Tina Ljubenkov, was also there to film the orchestra (conducted by our arranger, Dr Richard Niles) and conduct interviews with our special guests.

We were also joined by cosplayers Rident (Steven Ferris), Xeno-Morpheus (Jack Lincoln), and Madenice (Nathalie Wilikniet) as Professor Werner Von Croy, Kurtis “Demon Hunter” Trent, and Janice respectively. You guys looked amazing and gave us some very memorable moments to take home with us!

Also in attendance was Eric Loren, the original voice of Kurtis Trent; Murti Schofield, the writer behind the Angel of Darkness; and Martin Iveson, co-composer (along with Peter) of the Angel of Darkness score. It gave us and our guests a real thrill to meet and talk with these Tomb Raiding legends in person.

What now? Rest, mixing and editing!

See more photos here:

Orchestra Session 26th July

Vocals 24th July

Guitar Session 22nd July

Drums 20-21st July

You can catch up on all our livestreamed videos via the following links:

Jeep Thrills Pt. 1:

Jeep Thrills Pt.2:

The Last Revelation theme:



The Unseen Attacks:

In Search for Eckhardt:

Boaz Returns:

Tomb Raider V Orchestra:

Vocals snippet:

Additional vocals snippet:

Russian Submarine:

Starting recording at Angel Studios:

Niles conducts Paris Intro music:

AoD Main Theme Pt. 1:

AoD Main Theme Pt. 2:

Peter talks behind the scenes and Ash gives a tour of Angel Studios:

More AoD musical goodness:

AoD Main Theme big finale:


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Stay cool, backers. The music is coming!

– The Dark Angel Team