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Composer Exclusive Bundle

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This item will be released on 26-07-2019 10:11:00


The ultimate Tomb Raider musical package, available for a VERY limited time!

With this bundle, you will receive all the goodies from the Kickstarter ULTIMATE COLLECTION – TDAS Download, CD+CD Exclusive, TDAS DVD, TDAS Vinyl, 4x Pendants, 2x Statuettes, 4x T-shirts, TRDAS Sheet Music, 1x Poster – PLUS a music-lover’s DREAM BUNDLE!

This once-in-a-lifetime bundle includes 2 tickets for attending the LIVE RECORDINGS of The Dark Angel Symphony in London (your choice of which sessions you’d like to attend between 20th–26th July 2019) PLUS two days with Peter in his own studio. During this time, you will be assisting Peter to compose YOUR OWN bespoke musical theme – and enjoy a fab lunch together (composing is hard work, after all!)

You will also be able to write a note about the Dark Angel Symphony on a special page in the album booklet and forever embed your story in history!

You will also receive a unique piece of Tomb Raider development history, and one of Peter’s personal treasures: the actual Nord MM (Nord Micro Modular)  Synthesizer that he used in his work for Tomb Raider: Chronicles, signed by the composer himself!

This bundle will only be available for a very limited time and all items include free worldwide shipping!