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Limited-Edition Statuette – Kurtis “Demon Hunter” Trent

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This item will be released on 22-12-2019 00:00:00


The Kickstarter might be funded, but we still have several limited-edition statuettes available for buyers! The quantities you see here are the only remaining units in the world: no more will be commissioned after they have sold out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


“Now you can own your very own replica of Kurtis “Demon hunter)” Trent! Based on a master-sculpted figurine by artist Matt Chrich, this statuette is a replica of Lara Croft’s mysterious Lux Veritatis ally from Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. Commissioned especially for Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony, this statuette has been hand-sculpted, hand-cast in resin, and finished by artist Matt Chrich. The model is painted to resemble worn stone, with a bronze Chirugai. Each statuette is individually numbered and signed by Peter Connelly and Murti Schofield.”

Please note that, because each statuette is individually hand-crafted by the artist – not mass-produced using 3D printing or factory techniques – each one is a unique work of art and the appearance might vary slightly from piece to piece.


Dimensions: 21.5cm (8 ½”) x 17cm (6 ¾”) x 15cm (6”); 500g.

Materials: Resin, acrylic paint, Liquitex (varnish).

All measurements are approximate.

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Weight0.800 kg
Dimensions35 × 22 × 13 cm