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Limited-Edition Pendant – Scarab

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This item will be released on 22-12-2019 00:00:00


The Kickstarter might be funded, but we still have several limited-edition Pendant available for buyers! The quantities you see here are the only remaining units in the world: no more will be commissioned after they have sold out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


“Of all the material edited out from Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (2003), Putai the shaman’s gift of the Scarab Amulet remains one of the most mysterious. This handmade custom pendant has been inspired by the unused Scarab Amulet, which would have played an integral part of the game’s mechanics and provided a tangible link between Lara’s present and her past. Each pendant is individually numbered on the back.”


Dimensions and weight: 28mm / 40mm (approx. 1” / 1 ½”); 11.3g (including cord).

Materials: Green Stuff (modeller’s epoxy putty), acrylic paint, Liquitex (varnish), waxed-cotton cord.

Additional information

Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 2 cm